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The Zohar, in the portion of Pinchas, specifically deals with healing, while healing appears to have nothing to do with the portion. The Zohar explains every aspect of the physical body, and describes the driving force behind every bone, every organ of our body. Rav Shimon bar Yochai chose this particular section to review this with us because it has so many peculiarities that help us to understand the reason why Pinchas is so powerful. In the previous section, Pinchas put an end to the plague where 24,000 people perished by killing the two people whose action was the cause of the plague, and was rewarded. As it says “I will give and bestow to Pinchas the Covenant of Peace.” What does the Covenant of Peace mean? The Zohar explains that peace means freedom from the Angel of Death. In other words, Pinchas never died. Pinchas entered into a dimension of pure reality, of Etz haChaim (Tree of Life), the dimension where there is no chaos, no death, because he had the courage to go against... Read More
Balak and Bilaam were two people bent on destroying Israel. The Zohar says that these two individuals are metaphors and that the last two letters of their names: Ayin and Mem (for Bilaam), and Lamed and Kuf (for Balak) combined together—Ayin, Mem, Lamed, Kuf form the word amalek, which is a coded instrument that remains abstruse and shrouded in secrecy, and unappealing to the rational consciousness. The entire Bible is filled with codes and messages that have to be deciphered and the code breaker is the Zohar. The code word amalek is telling us that the enemy we all experience, whether we call it illness, financial failure, or social ills, has one singular root cause. The Zohar goes on to explain that in the Book of Exodus, the nation of Amalek is merely a metaphor for doubt and uncertainty. The word amalek has the same numerical value as the word Safek, which is doubt. The Zohar says that doubt and uncertainty are the cause of all disease. In the Bible, we are talking about people... Read More
While students of The Kabbalah Centre may use kabbalistic tools for the removal of chaos, somehow chaos still stays with us. What is the reason we have not done the job yet? Is it that we do not have a critical mass of people using the tools? The answer is that when we use these tools to tap into the profound, enormous energy known as the Lightforce of God, we do not have the vessel to capture all of that Light. In this week’s portion of Chukat, we read about the Red Heifer which has the power to cleanse all impurities and forms of negativity. Therefore, Chukat connects us to the power of the Red Heifer, even though the Red Heifer does not physically exist. It can be done on Shabbat because Shabbat is the one day of the week when there is no interference between us and the Lightforce of God. The only problem is that our vessels are not capable of containing all the energy that we draw through the tools of study and the Zohar. We learn something strange in the portion of Chukat—the... Read More
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Korach was a relative of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses. He was a powerful man, and as a result was able to gather 250 reputable, credible people to confront Moses. They assembled and said to Moses, “Do you think you are holy? We are all holy, God is within all of us, why do you consider yourself above us? Is this nepotism?”  God then told Moses, “Move and take the entire nation away from the 250 people that are with Korach or they will be swallowed up.” The earth then opened up and swallowed the 250 people, causing a plague and the deaths of many. Here the Zohar is teaching us and bringing home the fact that the one factor responsible for every form of death is evil eye. Cancer, heart attacks, accidents, and so forth are not the true causes. The first evil eye, strangely enough, occurs in Genesis. The Zohar explains that death came about because the snake was envious of Adam and jealous of the fact that he could not take Eve as his wife; remember this was a snake that could not only crawl... Read More

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