Beresheet means “in the beginning,” and is the first reading of the year. For the past 4000 years, there has been a total misunderstanding as to the comprehension of Creation. The reason I say this is had Kabbalah been available to everyone, even science, there would not have been different interpretations of how the world began. I never understood the conflict of church and science, and the theories that emerged about the Big Bang, until now. The simplest thing was ignored, and once it reaches simplicity, it is out of the realm of science. Is it not clear when we find the skeletons of dinosaurs that they have disappeared? We have the proof that they existed, but how much proof do we need that dinosaurs do not exist anymore? The Zohar, in the portion of Beresheet, says nothing became extinct; so what happened to the great dinosaurs? We are around them. They have become reduced to mini lizards. Adam was so tall he could reach into the Heavens. He was not afraid of those small lizards... Read More
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We have learned that everything of a physical nature has two aspects: The 1% illusionary reality and the 99% that is the true reality. The Zohar explains blessings provide a connection to Binah, the Upper Mother, and that the way the blessings for food are structured using the Hebrew Alphabet, we make a connection to the true reality of the food—its metaphysical substance, and not only to its physical substance. But throughout the year, when we make these blessings before we eat and drink, we are only drawing down the external aspect from the Upper World of Binah. And although it is metaphysical, which incidentally is the only aspect that can nourish the body, it is still only something of a temporary nature because the Vessel is not the Light. So we have to eat again and again and again. Throughout the year, the body is still the body and the physical nature of food is involved, so as much as we rise above the level of the physical food, nevertheless, its presence in this world is... Read More
Customarily, this is a Shabbat specifically designed for teshuvah. On this Shabbat, the leader, rabbi, or whoever is the head of the congregation, arouses the spirit of repentance in people toward changing their ways and becoming better people, with the objective that all receive forgiveness. This has been going on for a long time, and as the Zohar has noted we cannot wipe out or erase negative things or violations we have caused simply by ignoring them, or even by saying “I’m sorry.” Although mainstream religion says that the purpose of this Shabbat is to arouse feelings of remorse, to mend our ways, they have ignored or simply eliminated the true purpose behind what this particular day has to offer in the way of improving our lives. The real purpose, from the Zohar’s point of view, is not to arouse our sense of guilt; there are clues within this portion to help us understand what this Shabbat is all about. While Ha’azinu is so poetic, do we understand what Moses is saying? Moses... Read More
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The Bible says, “Praise worthy is the nation that knows the blowing.” And we know the blowing of Shofar is not only designated for Rosh Hashanah; for example, when the Israelites entered the land of Israel and wanted to capture the city of Jericho, they blew the Shofar and the walls came tumbling down. There is also the blowing of the Shofar which marks the end of Yom Kippur. The Zohar says the blowing of the Shofar is not merely dealing with the sound; it is also dealing with consciousness. Rav Shimon bar Yochai says the person who blows the Shofar, as well as those who listen to the blowing, must inject consciousness because the sound by and within itself is like dialing a number and reaching the person you want to talk to but not speaking; the message does not get across. The fact that someone answered the phone does not indicate that you have accomplished the specific purpose, because if you do not talk then the individual you called does not know either what you are requesting or... Read More

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