Genesis 23:1 says, “And Sarah was one hundred and twenty and seven years old,” and then we go on to the life of her son Isaac and how he met Rebecca. The Zohar says there is a lesson to be learned here concerning the deeper secret of Sarah and how her particular life influenced everything else that came after her. In other words, it was Sarah’s influence that brought about almost everything that followed. Sarah represented the totality, the total unity, like the seed that contains all of the subsequent versions of that seed—the root, the branch, the leaf, the fruit. All of these will diversify and ultimately emerge separately into physical reality, into a world that appears to be governed by time, space, and motion. Sarah embodied the idea of unity, and our effort today is to merge and create unity. It is only in this physical world that chaos, separation, seems to have emerged. The lesson is that we can transform the illusionary reality of this physical world into a world of unity... Read More
In the portion of Vayera we have an unusual story. God appeared before Abraham who was sitting at the opening of his tent. Abraham did not speak to God but lifted up his eyes and noticed three people walking by him. This first verse appears incomprehensible. From the Zohar we know that when the first verse of a section of the Bible is incomprehensible, there is a great deal of Light to be revealed. God sent three angels to visit Abraham. The Zohar explains that every angel has one mission, and they cannot do more than one mission at a time. Angels also have the ability to conform to the form of people. The angel Raphael, the angel of healing, was sent to Abraham following his circumcision to provide him with some form of healing service. The angel Gabriel was sent to destroy the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the highest level of evil (inhumanity of one to another) existed. The angel Michael, the angel of good tidings was sent to inform Abraham and Sarah that they were going... Read More
This week’s portion is referred to as Lech Lecha, “Go out unto the land that I will show you.” As most of us know, we are essentially born into a prison of our five senses. Our senses are instruments that make us totally incapable of really understanding what is around us. What the eye sees is so little of what is out there. Our mind understands 1% of our psyche; our consciousness is limited to that 1% illusionary reality. We need to remove the barriers to see the real world as it is, not as it appears to be, no less than like seeing a beautiful woman and projecting onto her physical quality other assets like seeing her as intelligent, smart, capable, and everything else under the sun. As the old adage goes, “you cannot tell a book by its cover.” The Zohar says that when we connect to the portion of Lech Lecha it can give us the ability to reach higher levels of consciousness to see things as they really are, and not be handicapped by time, space, and motion. A person is essentially... Read More
Genesis 11:1 says “The whole earth was one language and things were unified.” What does one language have to do with being unified? Simply stated, the longer it takes for us to destroy this myth about the Hebrew language being the possession of only those in Israel, the longer chaos remains. Very few people speak Hebrew, including myself before I went to Israel. I could read Hebrew, but could not speak the language. There is a difference between reading and speaking. Only because of the Zohar do we know that the language referred to in this section was the Hebrew Aleph Bet. This small verse of seven words tells us everything there is to know: All the wonders that we seek can be accomplished by this one language that removes time, space, and motion, which is fragmentation. The Zohar says that peace and unity can be accomplished by this one language and the technology developed from it. I am not here to get into politics as politics works on another level, but unfortunately politics has... Read More

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