In the portion of Miketz, Joseph recognizes his brothers, but they do not recognize him. He accuses them of being spies and demands that they bring their little brother Benjamin to him as proof that they were not. At this point, Joseph also remembers his dreams about the stalks and the stars, where it was predicted that one day all his brothers would bow down to him. The Zohar asks was Joseph seeking revenge for his brothers selling him into slavery by putting them through this agony of having to bring Benjamin and consequently Jacob back to Egypt. Are we to believe that Joseph, a chariot connected to the immaterial world where no chaos exists, could behave in this manner? The Zohar is teaching us that Joseph had the presence of two universes: The Flawless Universe or Tree of Life Reality, where time, space, and motion are not limiting factors, and our world, the Tree of Knowledge, which has the limitation of time, space, and motion, and where chaos exists. If someone has wronged us,... Read More
Without the Zohar, I do not know how we could ever retain a faith in the Bible. In the portion of Vayeshev we read about the selling of Joseph into slavery by his own brothers, and that Jacob, father of the twelve tribes, seems to encourage hatred between his other sons and Joseph by making a special coat for only Joseph. The Bible says his brothers hated him and could not speak with Joseph in peace. It is true, parents can have preference for one child over another, but a smart parent realizes it is in the best interest to conceal that inner feeling of preference and display love for all of his or her children. But Jacob seemed to not abide by this lesson. These were elevated souls, chariots who are a special creation within creation. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the twelve sons all could connect two realms, like a saddle connects a man to a horse. They could bring the immaterial realm—the Lightforce of God, which they were connected to, into this mundane world. How do we reconcile... Read More
Scripture says that Jacob fought a man—who was the Angel of Esau—and would not release him until this angel blessed him. This man asked Jacob what his name was and Jacob replied that it was Jacob. This seems like an incomprehensible dialogue. However, the Zohar reminds us that if we attempt to understand Scripture on a literal level, all we wind up with is a total misinterpretation, if not a corrupted idea of what scripture really has in mind to teach us. Therefore, we must resort to the Zohar, to begin to unearth the real concealed message awaiting us. The Zohar says that prior to the physical encounter that Jacob would have with Esau; there was a metaphysical struggle between Jacob and the Angel of Esau, Satan. But why would Jacob want a blessing from Satan? He had received so many blessings from the Divine, from the Lightforce of The Creator, why would he then feel it necessary to request a blessing from Satan? Furthermore, when Satan asked him what his name was, did Satan not know... Read More
The Bible says that Jacob dreamed of a ladder with the angels going up and down. To make things a little more complicated, in this verse, God told Jacob that the land he laid upon He would give to him and his children who shall be as the dust of the earth. Then Jacob awoke and concluded that this was undoubtedly a place of God and he became frightened. How could Jacob have known that this was a place of God? He was sleeping, and when we sleep are we not unaware of what is around us. We all dream every night, but most of us do not recall our dreams. Jacob made a big deal of the fact that he had dreamt this and did not know what kind of place it was. How many of us would consider such a dream a reality? How many of us are convinced about the elimination of time, space and motion? The answers to the questions raised concerning Jacob’s dream are very simple. When the Bible says that Jacob fell asleep, the Zohar explains that what transpired was not in the realm of sleep. The biblical... Read More
The portion ofToldot says, “The children struggled together within her,” and Rebecca went to inquire of God. The Zohar says the ultimate battle that has become manifest in this world up until this very day began in Rebecca’s pregnancy. What does this mean? The Zohar explains that the Satan, in his entirety, was encapsulated within Esau, and that Esau’s head was in the Holy system but his body was not, therefore he resembled Isaac. And because each is drawn to his own kind, Isaac loved Esau more than Jacob. We know that Isaac wanted to bless Esau and not Jacob, because he told Esau, “Go prepare me a meal because I want to bless you.” These words are clear. Jacob was just the reverse; the Zohar says he was of the side who rides the perfect Holy Throne, of the side of the sun, Zeir Anpin, that is united with the moon, the Nukva, and yet he fooled his father. He came in place of Esau to receive the blessing. By what right did he come to his father and take away the blessing of Esau? How... Read More

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