Rav Isaac Luria, The Ari (meaning “The Lion”), died on Hei B’Av, the fifth day of Av, in 1572. Kabbalah teaches us that on the day a tzadik, righteous person, leaves our physical world, we are provided with an opportunity to connect with their spiritual assistance. These death anniversary celebrations, also called hilulah, take place throughout the year and are times to gather and study, sometimes until after midnight, to connect with the souls of the righteous who are there to help us overcome ego and blockages we encounter in our lives. All the tzadikim (righteous souls) are happy to respond to our invitation, to join us and support us in every aspect of our spiritual work. Specifically, by connecting to the Ari on his death anniversary, we can truly come to understand our own potential to reveal Light in this world. The Ari was born in Jerusalem and as a child moved with his mother to Egypt to live with his uncle for 13 years. The years that The Ari spent in Egypt were dedicated to... Read More
The Hebrew month of Av, concurrent with the influence of Leo, has traditionally evoked fear within the hearts of men. So many significant tragedies have occurred during this peri­od for mankind including the destruction of Temples One and Two set off periods of unrest and war throughout the then known world followed by the Dark Ages. What seems odd, if not strange, is that the month of Leo stands out with this unique feature. Inasmuch as 20th century physics has taught us that the inanimate, too, possess consciousness, we must ask ourselves, just what is the thought process that induces such neg­ative activity. Before we can arrive at some original motivating causes, let us explore one question, why do the planets revolve around the sun? It is an indis­putable fact observed by all and yet very few have dared to raise this question. However, one thousand years ago, the famous Kabbalist, Shab­batai Donolo, also a physician and astronomer, did indeed raise this question and perceived the... Read More
If all the medicines known were thrown into the ocean, it would be the better for the human race and the worse for the fish. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1809–1894 The "War" against Disease The great 19th century Boston author, poet, and physician really didn’t have a thing against the fish; it’s just that he recognized within his own profession a central flaw that persists to this day. The vast majority of medicines, along with allopathic surgery and radiation techniques, treat the symptoms and ignore the causes of disease. But first, let us make sure we are spelling the word right. It should be dis-ease, with a hyphen, because a loss of ease in the world of chaos is exactly what lies at the core of everything from chickenpox to cancer. Dis-ease, fostered by our own emotional outlooks and hidebound beliefs, literally means disruption of ease, a disturbance of the resting, motionless state of mind that leads to good health. It implies imbalance, lack of order, and the existence of chaotic... Read More
The Kabbalah Centre has been the leading proponent in making the once arcane wisdom of Kabbalah accessible to the lay person. Since it's inception in 1922, the Centre and its teachers have suffered physical as well as character assaults. But the passion and commitment to delivering knowledge and tools that can help remove chaos from the world has never wavered. When the Kabbalah Centre opened its doors to teach Kabbalah to all who have a desire to learn – an unprecedented break with tradition -- antagonism towards us ranged from calling the Centre a watered down version of Kabbalah to outright accusations of heresy. Some said that it was impossible, to bring forth a universally understandable interpretation of so deep and complex a tradition. Kabbalah, as presented by the Centre, therefore, must be an inaccurate and superficial version. In addition, the Centre was looked upon as having mistakenly taken this bold step towards inclusiveness at a time when the prohibition of the study of... Read More

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Rav Berg, Spiritual leader of the Kabbalah Centre, has made it his life’s mission to reveal and make relevant the teachings of Kabbalah. He and his wife, Karen Berg, opened the doors of The Kabbalah Centre to all who desire to learn these universal principles. Read Rav Berg's Bio