Well Being

Yehuda Ashkenazi | April 12, 2016
Cleansing the toxins embedded in our soul creates a new level of abundance which can flow into our lives. Our soul must go through a detox process to remove all aspects of negativity and become closer to the Lightforce. This week, the energy of the portion of Metzora connects us to the plague of leprosy. The kabbalists believe leprosy stems from the... read more
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    To be completely attuned to another person’s "wavelength," we must completely remove our prejudices... read more
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    A righteous person is not someone who becomes pure and then can lecture and give himself to the... read more
  • Karen Berg | January 22, 2016
    It is said that we have two eyes for a reason: one eye to see the beauty and warmth in our friends... read more
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