Well Being

Yehuda Ashkenazi | April 12, 2016
Cleansing the toxins embedded in our soul creates a new level of abundance which can flow into our lives. Our soul must go through a detox process to remove all aspects of negativity and become closer to the Lightforce. This week, the energy of the portion of Metzora connects us to the plague of leprosy. The kabbalists believe leprosy stems from the... read more
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    What we do on a physical level is not as important as our soul’s imprint--what we have done to make... read more
  • Karen Berg | June 23, 2015
    Most of us do not keep a notebook, as the Creator does, of all the good and sharing deeds that... read more
  • Karen Berg | June 18, 2015
    Most of us know that how we eat, sleep, and take care of our body is of great importance in... read more
  • Rachel Santo | June 17, 2015
    This week’s portion tells the story of Korach. There is much we can learn from this week’s portion... read more
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    Most of us hear, but we don't listen. We argue, we defend, but we don't listen. Listening means... read more
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    Each and every one of us has certain tests to pass in our lives: certain elevations that we have to... read more
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    In a healthy relationship between significant others, the two individuals are interdependent, like... read more